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Larry Sanders 

Founder CEO


Date of Birth:

November 21, 1988

A Bit About Me

Larry Sanders is former NBA and current Big3 player and entrepreneur from Florida who 

played Power Forward for the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams before being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010. Sanders played professionally for the Bucks for six seasons, where he established himself as a dominant force on the court. He was known for his exceptional rebounding and shot-blocking abilities, earning him a reputation as a defensive stalwart. 

However, in 2015 at the age of 26, Sanders walked away from a $44 million contract citing mental health concerns. Since then, he has become an advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression. He returned to the NBA in 2017 for a short stint with the Cavaliers, then left to play for the Big3 League - currently with the Triplets.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Sanders delves into entrepreneurship, investing, and small business development. He works with County officials in Milwaukee to create affordable housing units in low-income areas. With an innate passion for storytelling, he channels his creativity as a filmmaker, author, screenwriter, and actor. As a true advocate for artistic expression, he founded Citizens of Matter, an incubator that housed homeless artists in Los Angeles, and now a clothing line. Credited as a gold record producer, he manages his production company, Eagles View Entertainment, and produces under the moniker L8Show.

Sanders recently received an honorary doctorate and Lifetime Achievement Award from Harvest Christian University for the Fall 2023 class. 

Work Experience

Oct. 2010 - Dec. 2015

Jan. 2016 - Feb.2017

Feb. 2017 - Apr. 2017

Larry played for the Milwaukee Bucks where he averaged a Double Double with 3.5 blocks which led the NBA at the time. He was nominated for Defensive Player of the Year in just 3 seasons with the Buck before retiring due to Mental Health.

Dr. Sanders created "Citizens of Matter" an artist incubator to give young artists direction, support, and stability. Sanders acquired a home in the Valley of Los Angeles where we worked with musicians, designed, models, photographers, and writers. 

Sanders comes out of retirement and joins Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavilers for a short stint before going back into retirement. 

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