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Episode 1: The Importance of Mental Health in Sports

Join us in this episode as we discuss the importance of mental health in sports. Our guest speakers include athlete Dajuan Summers who shares his own experiences and provides insights on how to care for your mental health while pursuing your passion. 

Episode 3: The Power of Patience

On this episode, we are joined by Former professional athlete Lance Kearse as he talks about how he overcame his battle with sickle cell, life after sports, and more! Also joining us will be Razia T. Qureshi-Shalami (founder of "ZAR Wellness") as we speak about her wellness group and how we can continue to provide resources for those in need. 

Episode 5: Gratitude (tools vs weapons) 

On this episode, we talk gratefulness, tools vs weapons, and the mental journey of an up-and-coming artist with Ryo Luchino and Bugatti Zoe! New releases "Dump Boy" and "Good times at pourmans" are now available on all platforms!

Episode 7: Family First 

“This week I sit down with Jayda Curry (college basketball star) to discuss transitioning to Louisville, her NIL deal, and what she does to stay mentally grounded! I also talk with Charles Xavier about his company "Wealth Garden" and how they are helping athletes and entertainers grow there businesses.”

Episode 9: Royce White addresses rumors and Exposes the dark side of the NBA.
This week's episode features NBA Player Royce White as we take a deep dive into NBA rumors, policies, and his vision for the future! Check it out now on youtube!!

Episode 2: The Art of Music Therapy

In this episode, we dive into the world of music therapy. Learn how music can be used as a tool for healing and self-expression. Our guest speaker Ray Nitty is a successful musician who shares his experiences, techniques, and mental health journey .

Episode 4: Love or Loyalty

On this episode, we talk with Dr. Cherene Toscano, Screen writer Crag Stiles, and BIG3 Rookie of the Year Ryan "Hezi God" Carter about the importance of mental training, the writer strike, and Hezi God's recent success in the BIG3. We also discuss the topic "LOVE OR LOYALTY".

Episode 6: Financial Freedom

Dr. Larry Sanders sits down with Dr. Stacee Lang and Dr. Candice Cox to discuss financial freedom and how smart people network is helping people everyone start their own foundations and begin to give back. Dr. Lang has brought in over 500,000,000 in grants and private funding. Dr. Cox talks about KHAO and the mindset that has begin to help sop many people start their healing journey.

Episode 8: Doc Breaks it down! "Its all about the essence"
Dr. Larry Sanders sits down with Julius Erving (Doctor J) to discuss Fatherhood, being a staple for African Americans in the 70s, and traumatic events that helped shape his Life. We also dive into the never-before-heard stories and perspectives of the Great Doctor J.
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